Things you need to know when buying prescription glasses online

As we are living in a highly developed network world, people are getting more and more inclined to buy products online. With the advantage in price and convenience, online shops are becoming a better choice to buy things from over some local retail stores. But there still exist some problems in purchasing form the online stores. From my point of view, here I would like to conclude some tips you need to know when buying prescription glasses online.

Firstly, before you buy your prescription glasses online, you should choose a reliable online store with high credit standing. Some online stores offer glasses at low prices but also with inferior quality. And some would not provide very good after-sale service. So when you get the glasses which do not live up to your expectation, the store will not change the glasses for you. To identify whether the store is reliable or not, you can check the comments made by previous customers.

Secondly, you should be careful when selecting the frame and the lenses of your prescription glasses. If you are not quite sure of what kind of glasses suit you, you can consult the online optometrist for some professional advices, by stating clearly your prescription, your requirements on style and comfort and your expected price range. Most of the online optometrists are kind enough to give you sincere suggestions without pushing to buy the expensive ones. To make sure that the style of the selected glasses is fit for your face, you can use the virtual fitting room. Choose one face which resembles yours most from the lists below to check out the result.

Thirdly, pay special attention to the filling of the ordering form. Make sure that you got all your figures - the frame size, the total width, the lens height and your prescription right. And also be sure that the prescription weight and strength is the exact numbers, not something seems-to-be.

Last but not least, after you have received your prescription glasses, if you have any discomfort wearing the new glasses or you can not see clearly though the lenses, contact the online store via email or phone within certain business days. If it’s the seller’s fault, they will hold the responsibility to solve the problem. But if turns out to be your own bad, you will have to pay the extra fees for changing.

With all mentioned above, I’d like to recommend you an online store, which holds all the features a good online prescription glasses store should possess - It will make you enjoy buying prescription glasses online.

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